Plant recording, from individuals to institutions: the scale of the challenge

Sophie Leguil, Plant Conservation Officer Plant Heritage Sophie has been working since 2012 for Plant Heritage on the charity’s Threatened Plants Project, an innovative red-listing initiative for cultivars grown in the UK and Ireland. She has developed the level of integration of the project with the National Plant Collections® and devised tools for assessing the conservation value of potential and past collections. She has more recently taken over the administration of the National Collections scheme, and is currently undertaking a review of the 630 collections with regards to curation standards. Sophie previously worked at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, investigating the use of pollen in systematics. She studied Plant Biology and Ecology, and has a particular interest in orchid taxonomy, having undertaken molecular and morphological research on the Angraecoid group. Sophie is a member of the cultivated plants taxonomy group Hortax.
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