Botanic Garden or, or both

Back to presentations: Plant records training day 2018 at Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Sam Brockington, Curator of Cambridge University Botanic Garden Samuel Brockington was awarded a BSc with Honours in Plant Science from the University of Edinburgh in 2002. He gained a PhD at the Florida Museum of Natural History, USA in 2009, where his focus was on the angiosperm order Caryophyllales, especially the evolution of flowers within Aizoaceae. He is currently a NERC Independent Research Fellow, University Lecturer, and Curator of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Here his research group pursues a variety of research questions, but is primarily engaged in understanding the evolution of and industrialising tyrosine-derived plant metabolites. In the context of botanic gardens, he is interested in how biodiversity is held and managed across the world-wide garden network.