We think PlantNetwork is great but we admit that we are biased… The quotes below are taken from comments that members have made in feedback forms, emails and on social media.

Feedback from the Plant Records Group Meeting, Chester Zoo, 2019 (anonymous):

Thank you for a warm welcome, enthusiasm and passion from everyone involved!

Taken from social media following the PlantNetwork Conference 2019 (from a conference delegate):

I went to my first @PlantNetwork event last week, it was brilliant so I recommend joining.”

I took part in the conference in Dorset last week. It’s slightly outside my usual (forestry / nature conservation) network. I learned loads, felt welcome and made lots of good connections. Sounds like a glowing recommendation...”

Just attended their conference… excellent and well structured with good speakers and friendly attendance. Recommend.”

Email from a speaker after the PlantNetwork Conference 2019:

It has to be the best conference I’ve attended, very interesting, to the point, but everyone was also very friendly and very easy to talk to.”

Feedback from Masterplans Event, Trewithen Garden 2019:

1st time attending a meeting: thoroughly enjoyed it and informative.”

Thoroughly enjoyed the day and v interesting to see development of masterplan

From an email to PlantNetwork Coordinator after completing the Membership Survey, September 2019:

I’ve been going to the plant networks Plant records, Label and database lectures, etc since 2001. The lectures are usually great fun and very informative. The only minor criticism of those I’ve been to would be on odd occasions a lack of communication between the customer and the organisers although this has not been an issue recently. That aside the web site has improved vastly. …{It} is both informative, efficient and not too boring to look at.’’