Monotropa hypopitys subsp. hypopitys

Monotropa hypopitys subsp. hypopitys
Yellow Bird's-nest

   UK Red Data List 2005SAP lead partnerWELSH Red Data List 2008IRISH Red Data List 1987IRISH Red Data List 2005TARGET 8 PROJECT datasheetGarden(s)
  • The columns in the list indicates the distribution of species (B – British, W – Welsh, I – Irish).
  • The dark red column shows their status on the UK red data book list (IUCN categories) along with a link to the Species Action Plan (UKSAP) if it exists, and lead partners to that plan.
  • The red column shows their status on the Welsh list.
  • The green column shows the status on the Irish list (prop = proposed for inclusion)
  • The final, blue column shows the status of the taxa, with a link to the relevant datasheet (T8) and which Gardens have adopted that species. These are followed by symbols indicating the progress of the project at that garden:
    • = material obtained;
    • = the plants have been successfully grown;
    • = the Garden has developed a partnership for in situ work.