PlantNetwork and the Global strategy for Plant Conservation

PlantNetwork has identified three themes for its response to the GSPC.

1. Reporting and influencing We will prepare reports on progress by PlantNet collections in meeting the GSPC targets

  • as a complementary contribution to the questionnaire for Plant Diversity Challenge (UK) and Irish national reporting mechanisms (for native flora; timetable dictated by existing UK reporting commitments);
  • as a contribution to reports on meeting European-level targets, through Planta Europa (mechanisms and timetable to be investigated); and
  • to highlight the contribution of UK and Irish collections in meeting targets internationally (advice to be sought from BGCI; timetable proposed for coordination with public awareness activity in 2007).

2. Coordinating A range of resources are available on this website to help organisations and individuals to develop their own responses to the GSPC and to inform them of the PlantNet response. These include:

In addition we will:

  • Develop a strategy for linking PlantNet collections to the wider Planta Europa response to GSPC, in relation to conservation of European native plants.
  • Collate information on PlantNetwork member activities relating to non-European plants on a country by country basis, to integrate with the CBD nation-oriented perspective. At a rudimentary level, this will lead to development of a list that links
    (a) a garden activity with
    (b) a country and
    (c) the relevant GSPC target to which that activity contributes. We will start work on the Cultivation & Propagation Database immediately, to demonstrate a clear commitment to progress.

3. Promoting We will identify a focal date for coordinating public awareness activities. A date in 2007 is proposed, to bring together

  • the publication of a report on the contribution of UK & Irish collections to international GSPC targets;
  • the distribution of a leaflet on the GSPC and our collections;
  • an activity or display at participating member gardens.A strong online PlantNet presence at this date would be important. We will cultivate relations with the key media to raise public awareness of plant conservation generally, and the GSPC in particular. The planned coordination of activities described above will assist this process.