Strategic Plans

PlantNetwork published a strategic plan to guide the actions of the network over the years 2002-2005. The initial section describes the objectives of PlantNetwork in relation to membership, capacity, funding and resources, conferences, training, publications, advice services and data and membership surveys. It outlines development and sets targets for the years ahead. The Strategy will assist professionals in manageing plant collections for best practice in horticulture, science, education, conservation and the environment. It includes useful documents on training, standards of record-keeping and the heritage value of plants collections as well as advocacy and public policy, health, safety and ethical issues, the involvement of volunteers and the local community and the overall value of networking implicit in the charity’s name.

With over 80 institutional members representing virtually every major plant collection in the UK and Ireland, PlantNetwork is successfully coordinating best policy for the management of this huge genetic resource.

Brief Policy statements have been developed in consultation with members on the following topics:

As well as these original Policies, PlantNetwork has developed policies in regard to the following issues: