IrisBG – continuing to sponsor PlantNetwork

We are very pleased that IrisBG will be bronze sponsors for 2023/4

IrisBG is a complete database and software solution to manage living and preserved botanical collections. It enables easy accessioning with images and mapping, sharing of plant material, tracking the wellbeing of plants and much more.

IrisBG has long been a member of PlantNetwork, participating in the Plant Records Group for many years as well as attending webinars and the 2020 virtual conference, and last year decided to become our sponsors. Like PlantNetwork, IrisBG’s story starts in 1996 when the first version of IrisBG was developed by Øyvind Rustan (Compositae AS) in close collaboration with the Botanical Garden, University of Oslo in Norway. The current version, version 4, was released in 2018 and is in use by more than 200 botanical gardens, arboreta, herbaria and private estates worldwide.

We are thrilled to become a sponsoring partner of PlantNetwork and thus support the continued important work they do for you, the community of botanists and horticulturalists.

Mari Rustan, IrisBG

We look forward to working with Øyvind, Laura, Shanna and Mari over the next year, particularly their involvement in plant records events.

Visit the IrisBG website for more information about the software solutions offered by IrisBG and to request your free 60 days trial.