Observatree Pest & Disease Seasonal Survey Highlights

Find out more about the tree pest and diseases to watch out for this season via these videos on the Observatree YouTube channel:

Autumn 2022

Summer 2022

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Previous seasonal highlight videos are listed below.

Find out more about Observatree

Observatree aims is to protect the UK’s trees, woods and forests from new and introduced pests and diseases, including those arriving and those spreading across the country. The earlier these are spotted, the higher the chances that outbreaks can be eliminated or controlled. Observatree volunteers form a UK network of over 200 citizen scientists. They undertake a range of surveys to assist with spotting new tree pests or diseases and monitoring the spread of existing ones.

The project focuses on 22 pests and diseases which are of the highest concern. Observatree volunteers are trained to identify and report these threats. Tree health professionals, and people actively involved with trees, are also strongly encouraged to report any findings of concern. More eyes on the ground means a greater chance of earlier detection. A wide range of resources and training materials are available to help you improve your tree health knowledge. Find out more about Observatree and the resources available: https://www.observatree.org.uk/

Report your pest or disease findings to Tree Alert.