Curation of plant collections

Barry Clarke is botanist and plant records officer for the Hillier Gardens where he has been working for almost 18 years. He is also the Gardens student coordinator and is responsible for the 12 month student training programme, a practical gardening course which includes the plant sciences and plant identification skills.

Barry oversees the Gardens 14 National Plant Collections, taking regular surveys and collating information and am responsible for the propagation and sharing of plant material. He is constantly working to build the collections from searching nurseries and gardens as well as collecting from the wild, when possible. He is personally a National Plant Collection holder since 2004 and holds 5 Collections. Asclepias including Gomphocarpus, Calycanthus, Lobelia species, Roscoea and Rubus. He is a specialist in Rubus species and has a National Collection of over 250 species.