Progress towards the targets of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and the role of Botanic Gardens

Suzanne Sharrock, Director of Global Programmes, BGCI Suzanne is responsible for issues related to global plant conservation policy.  She works closely with the CBD Secretariat on the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) and provides support to the European Botanic Gardens Consortium. Suzanne also manages BGCI’s  website and technical publications and is editor of BGCI’s twice-yearly botanic garden journal (BGjournal). In 2014, she carried out a mid-term review of progress towards the target of the GSPC for the CBD Secretariat and has organised a number of national and regional workshops on the GSPC.  Before joining BGCI, Suzanne worked for Biodiversity International (previously the International Plant Genetics Resources Institute) and has worked on plant genetic resource projects in Nepal, Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Caribbean.
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