Plant Health – Xylella fastidiosa, quarantine pest information and biosecurity

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Edward Birchall, Principal Plant Health & Seeds Inspector, APHA

Edward Birchall joined the Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate (PHSI) in 1992, working as a field based inspector for 18 years in agricultural and horticultural sectors. PHSI roles covered included inspecting, finding and eradicating quarantine plant pests and diseases, certifying plant exports, import inspections, plus detailed crop certification work in cereals and seed potatoes.

In 2010 Edward became Senior Inspector (team leader) for the northern region, covering Cheshire up to the border with Scotland. This was a dual role managing a team and supporting a key work area of surveillance, which included eradication and containment actions when a quarantine plant pest is found.

In 2014 Edward became Principal inspector responsible for plant exports to countries outside the EU, and plant passporting which regulates movement of plants within the EU. The role includes day to day operational activities of the PHSI, advice and information to DEFRA, working with UK devolved authorities and external stakeholders.