The Eden Project Plant Records Policy docs

Eden Project has a legal requirement to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of all plant material; this is specified and required by the following legislation and licenses:

  •  UK Wildlife and Countryside Act
  •  Invasive Plants (Schedule 9)
  •  Protection of Wild Plants
  •  Endangered Species (Schedule 5 and Import and Export)
  •  Plant Health Order (Containment Notice)
  •  CITES License
  •  CBD – Nagoya Protocol (See Procurement Section)
  •  Cannabis Cultivation Licence
  •  HSE – Management of the risk from falling trees or branches

Therefore, the importance of record keeping and accurate data management must remain one of Eden Project’s highest priorities.
In 1997, when the procurement of plants started in earnest, we created a plant records system to enhance the scientific and horticultural usefulness of the living collections. The protocols of other botanic gardens such as RBG Edinburgh, RHS Wisley and RBG Kew have been an invaluable help, however, Eden is a unique modern garden so whilst we ensure highly accurate records, the systems that we put in place are flexible and adaptable to keep up with the fluidity of the project.

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