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Damien Newman, Thrive Training, Education, and Consultancy Manager Damien delivers and manages the sharing of Thrive’s experience and expertise in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture through short courses, higher education, bespoke training and consultancy. He has worked for Thrive for over 7 years delivering upwards of 300 courses on the subject, additionally presenting at various national and international conferences and having articles on the subject published in both specialist and general publications. Having accredited one of the few higher education curricular in the field of nature based health and care interventions he is one of a handful of people across the world who lecture and provide higher education in this field. He has taught in the field of Health and Social Care for over 12 years following and during 12 years of working in mental health services where he first realised the value of horticulture as a therapeutic tool for people with ill health and disabilities. He believes and works toward nature, gardens and horticulture being appropriately utilised across society for the health benefits it is evidenced to provide.  Thrive website