Water for horticulture- Painting a picture by numbers

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This presentation, from Janet Manning, will numerically explore the challenges to horticulture and gardeners posed by upcoming changes in legislation and climate change. It will show that small marginal gains in water saving in the garden quickly multiply to a significant impact on carbon emissions and resilience to drought and flood, and how gardeners in the UK can play a part in managing the water cycle for everyone’s benefit.


After 17 years working as a Scientist at Wessex Water, Janet returned after a career break to work at Cleeve (production) nursery, gaining practical experience growing ornamental plants for the local garden centre.

Janet began her scientific career with three science A-Levels working in laboratories at the Ministry of Agriculture, studying for a degree in chemistry at UWE and an MSc in water pollution control technology with Cranfield University on a part-time basis while working full time. Janet became the UK’s first garden water scientist in November 2018.