Tree Health (2020)

Trees are facing an array of threats at the global scale – from deforestation and habitat loss to climate change and new pest and disease problems. In this session, we look at the pest and disease problems affecting British native trees and the impacts that these problems are having on our treescape. We also look at how to to identify common and emerging problems, particularly over the winter months when identification of tree species as well as the signs/symptoms of problems might be more difficult to spot, and what issues might become significant tree health factors in the future.

Aimed at anyone with an interest in or a role that involves trees, particularly those working in gardens or other designed landscapes, this webinar will help remind you of the importance of regular monitoring and actions to take when a problem is identified. We find out what different organisations are doing to prevent, monitor and control tree pest and disease issues, and how you can get involved. Simple biosecurity measures are also covered.

With presentations from three tree health experts:

  • Dr Suzanne Sancisi-Frey, Pathologist in the Tree Health Section of Forest Research, looks at winter signs and symptoms of pest and disease in three common tree species: sweet chestnut, oak and ash.
  • Barnaby Wylder, Tree Health Officer in the Plant Health Forestry Team at the Forestry Commission, introduces the work of the Forestry Commission in monitoring and controlling pest and disease spread across tree collections and plantations in England as well as describing emerging issues.
  • Luke Barley, Tree & Woodland Advisor at the National Trust, describes the work being undertaken by the National Trust to maintain and monitor tree health at all their sites and how tree loss, mostly due to ash dieback, is changing the landscape of the country.

Slides used in some of the presentations are available below. PlantNetwork members can also access the recording of the webinar at the bottom of the page (password required). If you attended as a non-member, please get in touch for details of how to access the recording.

Suzanne Sancisi-Frey, Forest Research

Webinar recording