Conservation of Native Plants

We hear from three gardens about the projects they are undertaking as part of Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (Target 8: At least 75 per cent of threatened plant species in ex situ collections, preferably in the country of origin, and at least 20 per cent available for recovery and restoration programmes). We also hear about the recently completed Colour in the Margins project undertaken by Plantlife.

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (talk by Martine Borge, Scottish Native Plant Horticulturist) is working on a number of projects conserving endangered Scottish flora, having identified 200 threatened species. Oxford Botanic Garden (presentation by Mark Brent, Curator) is working with local partners to help conserve and restore the water meadows of Oxfordshire. The National Botanic Garden of Wales (talk by Carly Green, Horticulturist) is developing conservation projects in the garden and in key areas around Wales, as well as creating a seed bank for Wales. Introduced by the horticulturists working on these projects, the talks focus on key elements of their projects and species involved.

Plantlife is the UK’s wild plant conservation charity and organises many in situ conservation projects. One recently completed project, Colour in the Margins, focused on the wild life of arable landscapes and the decline of cornfield plants. Dr Elizabeth Cooke, Conservation Advisor with Plantlife, spoke about the outcomes from the project.

A recording of the webinar, accessible by PlantNetwork members, is available below

PlantNetwork would like to hear more about ex situ and in situ plant conservation projects taking place in the UK and Ireland with a view of compiling a list of recent and ongoing projects. Please get in touch with details of your project (project title, duration/expected duration, short description of aim/objectives, links to further information and contact information). Help us promote your work!

Webinar recording

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