Our sponsors

We are delighted to be able to introduce you to our sponsors, who are an integral part of the PlantNetwork community.


The Garden Label & Sign Company

The Garden Label & Sign Company are based in the North East of England.  They are a trading division of Engraving Materials provider, 908 Ltd. 

The company began trading in 2007, under the watchful eye of, appropriately named, Managing Director, Miss Beverley Garden.  

Today, the company design and manufacture laser engraved labels and signs. Using a range of materials to include plastic laminates, solid wood, metals and slate. They specialise in the design and production of bespoke, durable, labelling for horticulture.  Offering an engraving service, as well as supplying blank labels to those who have their own engraving equipment.  Their label range is complimented by their own design of reusable metal label holders, tree label fixings and an array of other products commonly used by nursery’s and growers.https://www.gardenlabelling.co.uk/

All of their engraved products are manufactured in house, using the latest in CO2 laser technology.  Among the benefits of using this type of equipment for production, is the speed and consistent quality that can be achieved.  Engraving orders, generally takes a matter of days to complete.  Which includes the design and proofing service which is available to all customers.  Fully detailed computerised records of all engraving orders are kept on file.  Which means that the Company can provide a consistency to their labelling service, which is essential for those returning customers who find their labelling projects stretch over months or even years.

IrisBG collection management


IrisBG has long been a member of PlantNetwork, participating in the Plant Records Group for many years as well as attending webinars and the 2020 virtual conference. Like PlantNetwork, IrisBG’s story starts in 1996 when the first version of IrisBG was developed by Øyvind Rustan (Compositae AS) in close collaboration with the Botanical Garden, University of Oslo in Norway. The current version, was released in 2024 and is distributed internationally by the father and daughter team, Øyvind Rustan and Mari Rustan. Today, IrisBG is one of the most comprehensive integrated software solutions available for botanical gardens, arboreta and private estates.

Everyone who is a member of the IrisBG community is welcome to join the Coffee Chats, an informal virtual coffee break for the IrisBG community where you get the opportunity to share experiences and give each other input. Perhaps you are wondering how to tackle a certain issue or you have found a smart way to use IrisBG that may benefit others. IrisBG will be present so questions to us are also welcome. To receive an invitation, sign up to the IrisBG newsletter.