Proceedings of the Promoting Excellence in Horticulture Conference 2020

The Sibbaldia & PlantNetwork Conference, 28-30 October 2020

Sibbaldia vol. 20

Volume 20 is a special volume celebrating two events of 2020: RBGE’s 350th Anniversary and the first Sibbaldia & PlantNetwork Conference: Promoting Excellence in Horticulture 2020, which was held online in October 2020. Guest speakers at the event included conservationists and horticulturists from global institutions and they publish their papers here. Subjects covered include the role horticulturists can play in the conservation of species and landscapes, resources to target conservation actions in botanic and other gardens, effective policies and strategies for conservation and plant health, and the use of technology to document and interpret living collections. A beautiful new illustration and a painting of RBGE’s iconic plant Sibbaldia procumbens are reproduced in this volume and on the updated cover (see image).

You can order your very own print copy of this beautiful Sibbaldia volume from the RBGE shop for £30 or order by email at – ideal for payment by invoice. Alternatively, Sibbaldia is available as an Open Access journal from the Sibbaldia website.

The contents page is available to view here – listing all 15 articles by speakers at the conference:

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