PlantNetwork Survey

We need you!

Or rather, we need your ideas, suggestions, thoughts, comments…..

The PlantNetwork Members Survey is open to all members, non-members, one-time members – anyone who has heard of PlantNetwork. We want to find out how we’re doing and what we can do better. So take part!

By participating in this survey, you will be helping to shape the work of PlantNetwork, informing the development of new objectives and identifying training needs.

The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete – possibly longer if you have the time and want to provide really detailed responses – and will be open until Friday 20th September 2019.


Our last survey took place three years ago and led to a lot of new developments in PlantNetwork, directly informing training provision, development of the digital newsletter and many other aspects affecting the day-to-day operation of PlantNetwork.  The outcomes of this survey will directly influence how we take PlantNetwork forward, to maximise the benefits to members and the wider garden-visiting public. A summary of the results of the survey will be sent to anyone interested in seeing what respondents have suggested – and will be posted on this website.