BOOKING OPEN: Plant Records Group Meeting 2021: What are plant records?

Wednesday 6th October 2021, online workshop

The Plant Records Meeting is an annual PlantNetwork event which brings together all those working with or interested in plant records in public gardens and designed landscapes. In this meeting, the focus is on the information needed to create a useful and informative plant records system – what information is needed, how do you ensure you record the correct plant name and how important is plant health in plant records? Presentations will precede discussion sessions to share ideas and develop a short guidance document for those new to or looking to redevelop plant records.

A draft programme is available below. While the start and end times will remain the same, there might be minor changes to the delivery of the day.

Bookings for this event can be made below. Tickets start at £5 (PlantNetwork student members).

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Online booking is now closed for this meeting.

Download the programme: