New PlantNetwork membership categories

From 1st April 2019, there will be a new membership structure for PlantNetwork.

The new membership categories provide a fairer pricing policy for gardens and other institutional members by specifying different membership rates for gardens of different sizes. In the original membership categories, gardens/organisations with 21 horticultural staff paid the same membership fee as gardens/organisations with 201 horticultural staff. The new categories are more equitable, allowing more horticultural staff across Britain and Ireland to access the benefits of PlantNetwork membership.

Membership categories 2018-19 NEW membership categories 2019-20
Student/trainee – £15 Student/trainee – £15
Personal membership in a member organization – £20 Personal membership – £40
Personal membership – £40 0-20 horticulture -related staff – £150
Small garden (less than 20 hortic staff) – £150 21 -50 horticulture -related staff – £300
Large garden (more than 20 hortic staff) – £400 51– 100 horticulture -related staff – £600
  101 – 200 horticulture -related staff – £900
 201+ horticulture -related staff – £1,200

Previously institutional membership only allowed for a handful of named contacts, and employees were required to join PlantNetwork as personal members at a reduced membership rate. The new structure allows staff to benefit from their employer’s institutional membership, permitting staff to sign-up for the weekly PlantNetwork e-newsletter and attend events as PlantNetwork members without the need for personal membership. To join as a staff member, please use the sign-up form, specifying the garden in which you work.

The new scheme is also more straightforward for members choosing to join as personal members.

For most of our members, the change in membership structure will not affect membership subscription but will improve networking and sharing of knowledge and information by allowing staff to sign-up for e-newsletters. To discuss your membership category or if you have any questions about the change in membership categories, please do not hesitate to contact PlantNetwork.

Please note that the new membership categories will commence on 1st April 2019.