BOOKING CLOSED. Assessing and developing a Spirit of Place document for your garden

Spirit of place (or genius loci) refers to the unique, distinctive and cherished aspects of a place.  It is thus as much in the invisible weave of culture (stories, art, memories, beliefs, histories, etc.) as it is the tangible physical aspects of a place (monuments, rivers, woods, architectural style, pathways, views, and so on) or its interpersonal aspects (the presence of family, friends and kindred spirits).” ICOMOS, Quebec Declaration on the preservation of the spirit of place, October 2008.

Spirit of Place is at the heart of how people feel about and experience our properties and why they are relevant.  It captures what make a places special. This training day will look at how we identify the Spirit of Place and how it can be used to inform decisions about how your site is understood and managed – from planning events to marketing and what you choose to present to the visitor.

This event is relevant to all who wish to develop a greater understanding of their garden and how to feed this information into mission statements and management plans. Delegates will have the opportunity to spend time developing a Spirit of Place for their site. The day will include an introduction to Conservation management Plans and Garden management Plans. What are they, what do they do and do you need one?

Cost includes all resources and refreshments.
There will be an opportunity to meet fellow attendees the evening of 11th July.

Venue: Nymans Garden, West Sussex

Registration: 9.30am

Close 16.30

Full programme to follow.

Cost:  PlantNetwork members £68, non member students/trainees £83, non members £108

Non member rate includes membership of PlantNetwork.

We will make arrangements for those staying the evening before who would like to meet up for an evening meal and drinks.