Could YOU be a PlantNetwork Trustee?

This is a pivotal year for horticulture both here in Britain, Ireland and across the world. The climate and biodiversity emergency means that we must work together to protect and restore gardens for future generations and that gardens and gardeners throughout Britain and Ireland can play their part. That’s why we are seeking new members for our Board of Trustees to support us, advise us and help us make good decisions.

We know that Britain and Ireland have some wonderful gardens and amazing gardeners that make up our membership base, but we also know that many plant species and habitats are in trouble. Now is the time to change.

If you want to help, be part of this diverse movement for change and inclusion striving to support gardens and plant collections for conservation, knowledge, enjoyment and to create a better environment for everyone, please see the ‘How to Apply’ section at the bottom of this page for more details. Please get in touch by 14 April 2022 if you are interested in joining us, prior to our online AGM on 28 April 2022.

The aim

PlantNetwork is managed by a Board of Trustees, a group of volunteers who oversee the implementation of the PlantNetwork strategy and direct the activities of the PlantNetwork Coordinator.

About PlantNetwork

PlantNetwork is a charity and membership organisation that provides training and network support to gardens and gardeners throughout Britain and Ireland. Formed in 1996, PlantNetwork brings together botanic gardens, public gardens, heritage landscapes and private estates to share information, news, and expertise. Through its work, PlantNetwork contributes to maintaining and developing the horticultural and plant conservation skills for which our gardens are renowned. The goals of PlantNetwork are:

  • Supporting gardens and plant collections for conservation, knowledge, and enjoyment.
  • Providing networking and professional development for the plant network community.

Who we are looking for

We would like to hear from anyone interested in being involved in PlantNetwork. We would particularly like to hear from people with experience of the areas listed below and a willingness to share your experience with PlantNetwork. If you do have experience in any particular skills which might be relevant to PlantNetwork but aren’t listed here, we would still like to hear from you.

  • Public relations and communications – developing clear messaging to better engage our members, particularly improving social media engagement.
  • Equality, equity, diversity & inclusion – PlantNetwork is committed to ensuring that horticulture becomes a more welcoming place to work for all.
  • Digital technology – supporting the development of our website, databases, and customer relationship management tool as well as digital course delivery.

The role

We are seeking new Trustee Board Members to help direct the charity. Trustees are usually drawn from the PlantNetwork membership but non-members are welcome to find out more about joining the Board of Trustees. The normal term of office is three years with the potential for re-election.  Appointments to the Trustee Board are elected by members, on the recommendation of the Chair and Board of Trustees. All new Trustee Members will be offered a formal induction to PlantNetwork.

Role Specification:

  • To provide timely and effective insight on the views and interests of members relevant to the strategy and work of PlantNetwork in Britain and Ireland.
  • To oversee the implementation of the PlantNetwork strategy. 
  • To lead and advise on the development and impact of its policies.
  • To lead, advise, and, where possible, assist the coordinator in the promotion of interest in the work of PlantNetwork, including membership and fundraising opportunities, and to help develop the influence and collaboration agenda of PlantNetwork.

Responsible for: Strategic lead, policy, horizon scanning, performance monitoring

The commitment

You would be expected to provide at least the equivalent of five days or 37 hours to PlantNetwork every year. This will include two board meetings, four short online calls and a strategy away day, with time to read the agenda and papers before the meeting. Trustees also input ideas for PlantNetwork activities, from events to resource development. Trustees may take on strategic oversight for a key area of PlantNetwork delivery and depending upon the area, this can take extra time responding to emails or attending meetings.

The length and depth of engagement of each Trustee Member can be discussed during the appointment process. We are committed to being inclusive and will do our utmost to ensure that the Trustee meeting times are flexible. We will make every effort to prevent barriers to participation and support our members to enable their participation.

Why become a PlantNetwork Trustee?

By joining the Board of Trustees, you will gain management and strategic development experience to support your career progression. You will contribute to the supervision of the Coordinator so gain people management experience and, depending on the role you wish to take, develop an array of transferable skills from financial planning and management to digital marketing and communications. All will enhance your CV to take on more senior roles or simply to develop your current role.

Just as importantly, you will be helping other professional horticulturists to develop their careers through their contact with PlantNetwork.

How to apply

Contact the Co-Chairs of PlantNetwork via the Coordinator to arrange an informal conversation to find out more about the Board of Trustees and the management of PlantNetwork. Please get in touch before 14 April 2022 as we are looking to recruit new Trustees at our AGM on 28 April 2022.

You are welcome to submit your nomination using the form below by 18 April 2022. Please do secure the support of a proposer and seconder from the PlantNetwork membership. If you have any questions about the form or process, please contact the PlantNetwork Coordinator. All nominees will be contacted for an informal conversation with a Co-Chair before the AGM on 28 April 2022.