BOOKING OPEN: Glasshouse Day

24 March 2020, Oxford Botanic Garden

Join PlantNetwork and the PlantNetwork Glasshouse Forum in Oxford to discuss a range of glasshouse issues centred around maximising displays and sourcing material for the glasshouse environment.

It will be two years since the Glasshouse Forum last met and much has happened since that meeting. This event will provide an opportunity to address new or emerging issues pertinent to glasshouse growing and management – from pest & disease issues to sourcing materials post-Brexit and issues of rationalising/sharing material. The day will include an opportunity for delegates to present on an issue or topic that would benefit from peer review/discussion.

The day will provide opportunities for networking and meeting others working in glasshouses in public gardens. It is an opportunity to share good practice, discuss issues particularly relevant to horticulturists working in glasshouses, and find out about material sourcing and displays in glasshouses.

Confirmed speakers include Kate Pritchard from Oxford Botanic Garden, Fiona Inches from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, China Williams from Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Jonathan Hazelwood from the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

An Herbarium Day will take place on 25th March 2020 at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford – details will soon be announced. A discount will be available if booking both events. More information will be available shortly.

Costs: £59 for PlantNetwork members and £99 for non-members. Discounts will be offered when booking the Glasshouse Day together with Herbarium Day – more information soon.

A provisional programme is available below. Please note that this is subject to change but start and end times will remain the same. An accommodation list is also provided should accommodation be required for the event.