Notes on the Garden – Packwood House

“A house to dream of, a garden to dream in”

Join National Trust gardener, Robyn Booth, for a virtual tour of the gardens of Packwood House in Warwickshire which includes a look at the herbaceous borders and famous collection of yews. Follow the map below for a more detailed look at five areas of the gardens (highlighted in red)….

The entrance to the garden and East Court

Beautiful wrought iron gates frame what is now the entrance to Packwood House, giving tantalising glimpses of an elegant garden within.  The warm brick of the garden walls and the 17th century office and stable wing with its iconic sundial, all combine to create a feeling of enclosure and tranquillity. {Read more by clicking the PDF below}

Carolean Gardens

In the height of summer, the profusion of carmine pink flowers from Rosa ‘American Pillar’ frames the arched gateway into the Carolean Garden. The Carolean Garden takes its name from the time of Kings Charles I and II and is home to two borders which are explored in the links below: the Yellow Border and the Double Border. {Read more by clicking on the PDFs below}

Raised Terrace

The borders at Packwood were once described to me as being like a piece of music.  Starting with the East Court, the borders are soft and calm, easing you in.  On entering the Carolean Garden, the intensity of colour starts to build, gently at first, gradually more powerful until the final glorious crescendo, at which point we find ourselves on the Raised Terrace. {Read more by clicking the PDF below}

Yew Garden

Our unique topiary garden at Packwood is in turn calming, yet perplexing.  The mysterious shapes rise above the organic, sinuous lines of the box hedge that enclose this part of the garden, each one like an individual chess piece waiting for its turn on the board.  Walking up the centre of the garden past the ‘multitude’ of figures, you reach the grand finale of Packwood’s formal garden; the spiral mount and its imposing ‘Master’ yew. {Read more by clicking the PDF below}

The Kitchen Garden

This intimate walled garden is a part of Packwood that is very close to my heart.  There is room to experiment with colours and textures without spoiling the magic of the borders in the formal garden.  Seeing something that I’ve sown flourish and turn into something edible never fails to excite me! {Read more by clicking the PDF below}