New year, old boots…..

Celebrate the New Year with a resolution to carry out at least one greener or more sustainable gardening activity every month in 2020. Take part in ‘Greener Gardening 2020’!

Ever wondered what to do with your old wellington boots? A recent comment in the PlantNetwork newsletter resulted in this wonderful, light-hearted list from PlantNetwork member Helen Seal:

  • its amazing how hard it is to throw a welly – competitions bring up surprising results;
  • need cutting down to make stable planters, and of course holes burnt into the sole, or can make planting hole on upper?
  • planted upside down with soles sticking up can make an amusing installation;
  • and of course can be used to make sharp railings less dangerous for those who climb over them;
  • can grow on trees;
  • use over wooden posts to stop ends splitting when whacking with sledge hammer;
  • cut up for tree ties
  • donate to local village’s scarecrow competition.

Helen’s list inspired me to be more innovative with my old wellies: I’ve laid my old boots in areas of the garden that neighbouring cats use as a latrine! I’m hoping this is temporary, dog-friendly solution – until the bulbs start to show. I’ve also used old wellingtons to grow carrots in the past, albeit with mixed results.

PlantNetwork would like to hear how you re-use or re-purpose old items in the garden or if you have accepted the ‘Greener Gardening 2020’ challenge of a greener action every month. Get in touch.

By: Rebecca Slack for PlantNetwork