My employer has PlantNetwork membership but I can’t book an event/don’t get the weekly newsletter.

If you don’t have a current log-in for the website, the Newsletter sign up form will let you create one. You can then access your account and book events.

Newsletter sign up form

If you are a member of PlantNetwork, you can sign-up for the weekly newsletter.

If you’re not yet a member, completing this form will add you to our mailing list.

If you are a member through your employer you can use this form to create a log-in to book events.

If this doesn’t work, email us with your name, employer’s name and work email address and we will check to make sure that:

  1. Your employer is a current member of PlantNetwork
  2. You have a log-in for the website
  3. We have the correct email address for you. It needs to be a work address, so that we can connect you with your employer’s membership.


  • If you never use your work email, set up a forward to your personal email.
  • Check your spam!
  • You may need to ask your employer to add you to their membership. If it is a problem, we can request this for you.