My employer has PlantNetwork membership but how do I access PlantNetwork resources?

We receive lots of enquiries from those working in gardens and organisations who would like to benefit from their employer’s membership of PlantNetwork. We hope that this information helps to identify the steps you need to take to get YOUR OWN access to PlantNetwork as a result. If you have individual membership not tied to an institution, garden or organisation, you can jump to step 4!


Check that your employer is listed in our members list. We do periodic checks with each organisation to make sure that their individual members are still employees.

If your garden or organisation is not listed, you can double check by emailing to ask if your garden/organisation is a member or not as membership changes all the time!


We do not provide an institutional/organisational login. Instead, we provide individual membership of PlantNetwork within the umbrella of your organisation’s membership. So you will need to register your name and email address with PlantNetwork to set up your employer-linked individual membership. You can register using the Newsletter sign-up form, ensuring you state your garden/organisation and provide a recognisable workplace email.


Wait until you receive your first newsletter – sent every Thursday – which will confirm if your account has been approved by PlantNetwork. If you need to access your account sooner, email to ask if your membership could be prioritised (e.g. to register for an upcoming event). Once your account is approved, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter but be sure to check the right unsubscribe option so you still have a PlantNetwork account: see options at the bottom of the newsletter.


You will then need to set up your password. This is done via a link at the bottom of the login window. Simply click one of the ‘Log in’ links on the website (top right menu, blue ‘Log in’ button on any webpage or other links in website text) to open the login window and then click the ‘Reset your password?’ option at the bottom of the page. Enter your email address in the password reset window to receive an email link.


Use your email address (or username) and new password to log in to the website using one of the ‘Log in’ options. Once logged in you can access members resources including all previous webinar recordings, special reports, discounted event bookings and free webinar registrations.

Sometimes there are some issues accessing your account – email address typos, etc. If in any doubt or if you are having any problems, get in touch with for assistance.