Maximise Your PlantNetwork Membership

Are you making full use of your membership?

As a PlantNetwork member, you will get a weekly newsletter filled with information, news and events; have access to Members Resources on the PlantNetwork website for member-only information, free webinar registration and the latest jobs; and benefit from reduced fees for all online and in-person events. Not to mention lots of opportunity via our social media platforms to advertise your work/gardens/plant collections to other professionals and network with other horticulturists….

Not sure if you are a member?

PlantNetwork has two membership categories:

  • Individual membership (including student membership) – you will have signed yourself up to this membership category and hence should be receiving the newsletter and have created an account on the website for all other membership benefits (see ‘Creating a PlantNetwork account’ below). If not – get in touch!
  • Organisational or institutional membership – the garden or organisation you work for has an institutional membership of PlantNetwork which entitles YOU to join as a member. See the Members List if you are unsure whether your garden/employer is a member.

My employer/garden is a member so how do I join?

Sign up for the PlantNetwork newsletter at: You can opt out later if you wish. Make sure you tell us who you work for AND provide a work-based email: you can also provide a personal email.

We will process your sign-up form and create a membership account for you. Once you start receiving the newsletter (do check spam and junk folders if you don’t receive the newsletter by 5pm on Thursday – get in touch if you don’t receive anything at all), you will know you have an account. You will need to set a password – you can do this on the ‘Log In’ screen or via the password reset option.

You can then log in to the website (at the blue ‘Log In’ button available on each webpage) for a wealth of options: book a webinar for free, watch recordings of previous/missed webinars, view the latest job adverts, find links to the monthly tea breaks and much more…. All the newsletters are posted here too so if you lose your version, you can still access current and previous editions.

I can’t change my password…

We have had a number of members contact us as they are having problems resetting their passwords and/or logging in. The most common problem relates to ReCaptcha security, particularly the following error message but no ReCaptcha box is present:

ERROR : Please check the ReCaptcha box

We have found that using a different browser (anything other than Internet Explorer or Edge) often works. If that fails or isn’t possible, clearing the browsing history (the temporary files and cookies options) and then closing the browser before reopening frequently works, although you might need to do this more than once.

Can I let colleagues know about our organisational membership?

Yes – please do! We have a poster in Member Resources which you can print for the staff room. Encourage colleagues and coworkers to sign-up and so make the most of your organisational membership.

Can I contribute to PlantNetwork?

Another resounding ‘Yes’.

Try your hand at writing for the website and newsletter, producing videos, recording a podcast, joining a PlantNetwork forum – or suggest new areas for special interest groups. If we have missed out on something or there is anything you would like to get more involved in, do get in touch as we REALLY want to hear from you.