Introducing Tremap

Tremap aims to label every tree in the world. Tremap needs your help to do this – and all you need is your mobile phone!

The Cornwall based start-up was conceived by founder Jonathon Jones at Tregothnan Estates. The app was created to provide a simple, phone-based digital tree labelling and ledger system for botanic gardens and arboreta that does not require physical labelling. It has now developed into a platform used by town and city councils, commercial growers and tree lovers alike. The basic Tremap app is available from all good app stores and allows anyone and everyone to locate and virtually label trees in a variety of settings. Tremap aims to create a cohort of citizen tremap’ers who will help to build the largest tree database in the world.

Tremap is already working with public gardens to develop treBG, a garden-specific product for use in public, botanic and heritage gardens. The Eden Project has taken on the platform to map its Living Landscape Collections and there has been interest from several other botanic gardens in North America and Europe. Alongside the accession ledger function of treBG, a companion feature will be treTube, a library of 120 second video vignettes of individual species filmed in their native settings. This will provide a potential public engagement tool, with visitors able to click on trees in a virtual garden map and access the treTube videos. Tremap is also developing an app solution to track disease in commercial orchards in the USA.

A further product in the app suite, treCare, is aimed at local authorities and communities to allow them to collaborate on the care of street trees and other trees within the remit of local authorities. Tremap plans to integrate TPO (Tree Preservation Order) datasets from local councils into its database, making them much more accessible to the general public. Also, in agreement with the Woodland Trust, Tremap will soon be displaying data from the Ancient Tree Inventory (ATI). Tremap is also in discussion with local councils regarding displaying Landmark Trees in its app.  All of these datasets, brought together in a single app will provide users with a host of informative and highly practical information about the trees in their communities, and highlight some of our most well-known and recognised trees.

Tremap are currently crowdfunding the development of treCare through an Aviva Community Fund / Crowdfunder campaign. Go to the campaign page to find out more about the app and what it seeks to do, including allowing individuals to identify trees on the ATI, submit trees for possible Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), find out about tree maintenance plans and report damaged trees.

Working with Falmouth Town Council as a Development Partner, Tremap are looking to launch the treCare app in Falmouth this year with a number of public engagement events and activities. All events are aimed at encouraging the community to co-develop the app and, crucially, to use the app! The treCare campaign runs till 12 April 2022. Find out more via the Tremap website, Facebook page and Instagram as well as the Crowdfunder page.

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