Horticulture in 2020 – Promoting Excellence in Horticulture Conference

In October 2020, PlantNetwork joined forces with Sibbaldia, the International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture, and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to bring you the online conference ‘Promoting Excellence in Horticulture 2020’. The final session of the conference looked at some of the big horticultural issues in 2020, creating a film featuring a number of experts and horticultural professionals talking about Brexit, plant health, COVID-19, and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Sibbaldia has published a special edition featuring papers and commentary from the conference – you can find out more about the special edition here. To accompany this special edition, particularly the article “Horticulture in 2020” by Rebecca Slack and Simon Toomer (page 175 of the special edition), we would like to make the recording from this final session, Horticulture in 2020, available to view and support the commentary included in the special edition to further stimulate discussion and debate. Much has already happened since the conference, including further development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the UK leaving the EU, but the topics are still very relevant and the recording still raises some interesting ideas and suggestions.