Have you ever had an idea for a horticultural adventure but lacked the finance to achieve it?

By Rowena Wilson, Bursaries Administration, Royal Horticultural Society

Well, good news …..

Every year more than £100,000 is distributed by the RHS through its Bursaries scheme which aims to provide those in the horticultural sector with opportunities to broaden skills, increase knowledge and improve career opportunities.

It may be a plant species that fascinates you, a particular growing technique or learning alongside other horticulture professionals.  Whatever your horticultural passion, applying for an RHS Bursary could certainly help you.

Projects the RHS supports are hugely diverse and include study tours, expeditions, voluntary work at botanic or historic gardens, research and botanical art.  Each year, more than 100 applicants receive amounts ranging from £200 to £3,000 for a project that can take place in Britain or a country on the other side of the world; recent destinations have included Japan, USA, Tasmania, South Africa, Spain & Italy.

Chris Moncrieff, RHS Head of Horticultural Relations said ‘Hundreds of people have already benefitted from RHS funding.  It supports their professional careers, confirms their passion for gardening and bolsters the UK’s horticultural know-how.  There’s still much to be explored so anyone with a passion for plants can apply.’

Find out more about the scheme at rhs.org.uk/bursaries.