Good enough to eat

In 2016, when RHS Garden Hyde Hall’s new Global Growth Vegetable Garden was first planted, horticulturist Matthew Oliver selected British Sugar TOPSOIL’s HortLoam planting topsoil as the base planting medium for the scheme. The range of vegetables from around the world that were to be grown in the Xa Tollemache designed garden needed a friable, humus-rich soil that was, itself, almost good enough to eat. HortLoam performed as expected and the last three growing seasons have seen the vegetables thrive.

Used widely in private gardens and in prestigious locations with public access such as the University of Bristol Botanic Garden, HortLoam’s added coarse sand and organic matter gives the soil an open texture and good nutrient base, which is perfect for vegetables and flowerbeds, shrub beds and for planting young trees.

And it’s not only planting that British Sugar TOPSOIL products support – their 80/20 Lawn Dressing is a cost-effective treatment for ornamental lawns that suffer from compaction and poor drainage, or from heavy footfall after public events such as outdoor concerts and shows. A Senior Horticulturist at King’s College, Cambridge has been using Lawn Dressing on the College’s formal lawns since 2016 and is delighted with the results.

Find out more about how British Sugar TOPSOIL is made in this informative film or visit the website:

[Prepared by British Sugar TOPSOIL for PlantNetwork, December 2018]