Creating a winter garden with a difference

By Tom Freeman – Team Leader of The Winter Garden, Clover Hill, Courtyard gardens, Birch Grove & Entrance and Sky Meadow at RHS Garden Hyde Hall.

At RHS Garden Hyde Hall, we have strived for originality with our new Winter Garden by challenging what people have come to typically expect from such a garden.

By focusing on form, texture and celebrating the beauty of plants after they have died back, we hope to set ourselves apart from other known winter gardens around the world.

We achieved this by pooling our collective knowledge as a team and researching plants that can hold their own right the way through winter by staying rigid, providing us with varying textures, heights and interesting seed heads and then combining these with your typical winter garden favourites.

We hope to inspire you to look at the Winter Garden in a scientific, philosophical and artistic way as we believe gardens in winter are not just about bright colours.  Plants have a lot of attributes that come to centre stage in winter and there is a lot of beauty to be had in a dead plant!

We believe in our vision and concept of what a winter garden can be and we want all of our visitors to enjoy its subtle beauty and tranquillity.

Want to know more about the Winter Garden at RHS Hyde Hall or would like some suggestions for unconventional winter garden plants? Read on.