An autumn update from Dragonfli

Box Tree Caterpillar moth

There are signs that a third generation of Box Tree moths will occur in the next few weeks with catches of adult moths occurring at the moment. Now is a good to re-new pheromone lures in existing Box Tree traps or the installation of new Box tree traps in areas without them. The traps should not be placed within 20 metres of each other, if placed to close this will have a negative impact on the catch rate. Trials are on- going to access the best forms of biological control for this invasive pest.


Over the last few weeks some areas have seen high numbers of Crane Flies or Daddy-long-legs. This means new larvae may already be present in amenity and sports turf. It is important to treat these areas soon with nematodes to kill the Leatherjacket grubs before the winter and before the soil starts to cool down, reducing nematode activity. Soils are very dry now, so good irrigation and the application of nematodes with plenty of water is key to the success of nematode treatments.

Vine weevil 

Vine weevil grubs will now be present in many pots and containers and open borders. The early autumn is a good time to apply nematodes to kill these grubs and prevent them overwintering.

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By Julian Ives, Dragonfli Ltd.