Rationalising and connecting glasshouse collections training day

The conference was so inspiring and helpful. I’ve made contacts with other Botanic Gardens as a result, to share info and resources. The conference really opened my eyes to the challenges of developing meaningful and high-quality collections, and how important it is to communicate with other Gardens to enable this to happen. No Garden is an island 😉  Attendee at Glasshouse training day

36 people met at Cambridge University Botanic Garden for the new Glasshouse Forum meeting. Attendees heard about rationalising collections by effective collections policies. The meeting also considered the next steps for the Glasshouse Forum. Suggestions included compiling a list of staff working with glasshouse collections, developing an economic crop register and compiling an inventory Red List material that is currently grown in UK glasshouses.

The Glasshouse Forum plans to hold a training day in 2017. Volunteers to help with the Forum  should contact Pam in the first instance at office@plantnetwork.org

Thanks to Cambridge staff for organising and hosting the day.