Websites and Social Media – connecting with people


Websites and social media have become vital tools in connecting people; and as a means for organisations to inform, communicate, and promote their activities, and to interact and engage with visitors. Many gardens now have profiles on social-media sites to post news, highlight seasonal changes, promote exhibitions, interact with visitors, and initiate conversations and debates. Using social media, regular visitors to gardens can share content about the garden, express opinions and experiences, and post photos taken during their visits.

The day included:

  • Identifying opportunities for using websites and social media
  • Getting the information from the garden into the online world
  • Developing engaging and meaningful conversations
  • How to get the best out of social media and evaluate their use
  • Opportunities to network and share experiences of social media
Discussion / breakout session

Discussion / breakout session


Go to start of Twitter timeline…


Discussion / breakout session

Discussion / breakout session