Local Gardeners Networks

PlantNetwork is a national network linking gardens and horticulturists across Britain and Ireland. If you are interested in local networking and learning more about nearby gardens and their gardeners, then the local independent networks listed below will be of interest. Find out more by clicking the links. Please note that unless otherwise specified, these are all external links and organisations outside PlantNetwork.

Can’t find your local group in the list? Let us know about your group and we’ll add a link. If there isn’t a group in your area, would you like to start one? We might be able to help. Scroll down to find out how.

South-East England

London Gardens Network (LGN)

For all professional gardeners within the M25. The LGN holds an annual seminar on a different topic each year in March and an autumn lecture in October – although recently, many of these have been online. Membership is free!

More information can be found at their website: www.londongardensnetwork.co.uk, at Twitter @GardensNetwork or contact: enquiries@londongardensnetwork.co.uk or complete the contact form.

North of England

Cheshire Gardeners Network

Open to all professional gardeners working in Cheshire. The first meeting of the group took place in September 2021 at Ness Botanic Gardens, with many Cheshire and Greater Manchester gardens represented. Regular meetings are planned – find out more via the CGN webpage.

For more information, please see the Cheshire Gardeners Network webpage. Alternatively, contact PlantNetwork (office@plantnetwork.org) for more information or to express an interest in joining the network (it’s free!).

South-West England

Cornwall Professional Gardeners Group (CPGG)

The CPGG is open to all professional gardeners in Cornwall – and further afield if you are willing to join their meetings in Cornwall. You might work in an estate garden or you might be an independent horticultural contractor looking after several gardens; either way they’d be delighted to welcome you. The CPGG is also open to those employed in the production and/or sale of plants. Find out more from the PlantNetwork blog.

Usually meeting several times a year to study specific topics and visit gardens across the county, and to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration, this is a very welcoming and incredibly well-informed group. For more information and to join, please visit their website: cornwallprofessionalgardenersgroup.wordpress.com.

Midlands & East of England

No groups yet listed


No groups yet listed


No groups yet listed

Northern Ireland

No groups yet listed

Republic of Ireland

No groups yet listed

How PlantNetwork can help you

If you are interested in setting up a local network, we would love to hear from you! If you are a PlantNetwork member, we can help you establish an independent local gardens network with your colleagues and peers so please contact us to discuss your idea further. PlantNetwork can provide:

  • A webpage to help establish and publicise your local group
  • Publicity across PlantNetwork platforms and newsletters for your meetings
  • Additional support as required.