The Savill & Valley Gardens

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Address and contact details
Crown Estate Commissioners, Crown Estate Office, The Great Park, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 2HT
Tel: 01753 860222
Latitude: 51° 26' 35" N
Longitude: 0° 37' 43" W
Background to the collection
Ownership:The Crown Estate
Umbrella organisation:PlantNetwork, National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
Keeper of the Gardens: Mark Flanagan
Head of the Savill Gardens: Harvey Stephens
Contact person: Harvey Stephens
Total Staff:56
Accessions:Under development
Physical environment
Soil type:Sand
Total area:81 ha
Area heated:300 m²
Other sites of collection:The Savill & Valley Gardens are in separate parts in Windsor Great Park
Weather recordsRecords kept for Windsor Great Park since 1957
Absolute maximum:37 °C
Absolute minimum:-15 °C
Average annual:644 mm
Plant collection
Geographical area(s) of specialisation:
China, Eastern Asia, Northeastern USA
Special families within the collections:
Ericaceae, Fagaceae, Berberidaceae, Pinaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Rosaceae, Aceraceae, Betulaceae, Juglandaceae, Theaceae, Hamamelidaceae, Magnoliaceae, Hydrangeaceae
Special genera within the collections:
Rhododendron, Gaultheria, Camellia, Quercus, Fagus, Pinus, Abies, Picea, Ilex, Sorbus, Acer, Betula, Alnus, Carya, Juglans, Hamamelis, Liquidambar, Magnolia, Hydrangea
Special collections:
Ilex, NCCPG – 52 Species, 301 Taxa, 382 Accessions.
Mahonia, NCCPG – 27 Species, 51 Taxa, 85 Accessions.
Pernettya, NCCPG – 12 Species, 28 Taxa, 53 Accessions.
Pieris, NCCPG – 9 Species, 93 Taxa, 315 Accessions.
Rhododendron (Glen Dale Azaleas), NCCPG – 181 Taxa, 182 Accessions.
Magnolia, NCCPG – 34 Species, 310 Taxa, 395 Accessions,
Rhododendron species, NCCPG – 632 Species, 1499 Taxa, 2732 Accessions.
Record Keeping:Records kept
Record System:Access
Plant-collecting trips:National
Facilities on site
Research facilities:No
Publications:Garden guidebook (2006)
Identifications:Undertakes free identifications for the general public. Internal verification of material
Teaching and Education:No
Interpretation:Supervised garden walks, signs, brochures, lectures
Friends Organisation:Yes
Visitor facilities:Recently opened (2006) visitor centre - the Savill Building houses a restaurant, shop, plant centre and lecture room.
Access to the collections
Public access:Admission charge
Public opening hours:Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm or dusk
Guiding principles behind the collection
The garden is funded by the Crown Estate Commissioners as one of the amenity attractions of Windsor Great Park.
Location map

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