Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Last updated: 17 May 2022

PlantNetwork member
Address and contact details
Jermyns Lane, Ampfield, Near Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 OQA
Tel: 01794 368787
Fax: 01794 368027
Web site:
Latitude: 51° 00' 29" N
Longitude: 01° 27' 04" W
Background to the collection
Year founded:1953
Ownership:Hampshire County Council
Garden code:HILL
Umbrella organisation:PlantNetwork, Botanic Gardens Conservation International, National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
Acting Director: Wolfgang Bopp
Contact person: Wolfgang Bopp
Total Staff:45
Total Horticultural Staff:16
Accessions:Most diverse range of trees and shrubs hardy in this climate
Collections:50-year Landscape Masterplan.
Physical environment
Altitude:80 m
Soil type:80% London clay; 20% Bagshot sand; neutral to acid
Total area:72 ha
Weather recordsRecords kept
Average daily:5.8-13.6 °C
Av. monthly max:21.1 °C
Av. monthly min:0.9 °C
Average annual:866 mm
Plant collection
Plants:40 000
Notable plants within the collection:
More than 300 champion trees
Special families within the collections:
Fagaceae, Magnoliaceae, Hamamelidaceae, Ericaceae
Special genera within the collections:
Carpinus, Cornus, Cotoneaster, Corylus, Hamamelis, Ligustrum, Lithocarpus, Photinia, Pinus, Quercus
Special collections:
Carpinus, NCCPG – 19 Species, 36 Taxa.
Cornus, NCCPG – 40 Species, 143 Taxa.
Corylus, NCCPG – 16 Species, 27 Taxa.
Cotoneaster, NCCPG – 204 Species, 246 Taxa.
Hamamelis, NCCPG – 6 Species, 119 Taxa.
Hillier plants – 192 Taxa.
Ligustrum, NCCPG – 17 Species, 56 Taxa.
Lithocarpus, NCCPG – 8 Species, 8 Taxa.
Photinia, NCCPG – 19 Species, 29 Taxa.
Pinus, NCCPG, excluding dwarf cultivars – 112 Species, 120 Taxa.
Quercus – 154 Species, 317 taxa.
Metasequoia – 8 taxa.
Record Keeping:Kept since 1977
Record System:BG-Base
Plant-collecting trips:International and national
Facilities on site
Herbarium:Yes, native flora and national collections. Code HILL in Index Herbariorum
Library:Yes, restricted access
Research facilities:The collections and library are available on-line
Publications:Garden guide
Teaching and Education:Primary, secondary, higher and public education, for all ages
Interpretation:Supervised garden walks, signs, brochures, guided trails
Friends Organisation:Annual membership only
Visitor facilities:Café, restaurant, gift shop, parking, corporate and private hire, programme of events
Access to the collections
Public access:Admission charge
Public opening hours:Mon-Sun: 10.30am-6pm or dusk
Guiding principles behind the collection
To develop and maintain the widest range of hardy trees and shrubs in a visually stimulating garden and arboretum setting, including herbaceous plants and bulbs, for the benefit of visitor enjoyment, education, horticulture, conservation and research.
Location map

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