Newhaven Botanic Garden

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Address and contact details
c/o Paradise Park, Avis Road, Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9 ODH
Tel: 01273 512123
Fax: 01273 616005
Latitude: 50° 48' 11" N
Longitude: 00° 03' 11" E
Background to the collection
Year founded:1997
Ownership:Newhaven Botanic Garden
Garden code:NEWHN
Umbrella organisation:Botanic Gardens Conservation International
Gary Jones
Jonathan Tate
Contact person: Gary Jones
Total Staff:4
Physical environment
Altitude:0 m
Area heated:1300 m²
Plant collection
Geographical area(s) of specialisation:
Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North and Central Mexico, Northern South America, Western South America, Brazil, Southern South America
Special families within the collections:
Cactaceae, Mesembryanthemaceae, Aloaceae
Special genera within the collections:
Mammillaria, Gymnocalycium, Conophytum, Aloe, Haworthia
Record Keeping:Records kept
Record System:BG-Recorder
Plant-collecting trips:No
Facilities on site
Research facilities:No
Identifications:Undertakes free identifications for the general public. Internal verification of material
Teaching and Education:Primary, secondary, potential for higher, taxonomic and public education
Interpretation:Supervised garden walks, signs, brochures
Friends Organisation:No
Visitor facilities:Restaurant, plant shop, book shop, gift shop
Access to the collections
Public access:Admission charge
Visitors per year:80,000
Public opening hours:Mon-Sun: 10am-5.30pm
Guiding principles behind the collection
To act as a protective garden for the world's flora and to create greater interest and awareness within schools and the general public for the need for such collections to exist as a means of conservation.
Location map

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