Mount Stewart

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Address and contact details
Mount Stewart Estate, Grey Abbey, Newtownards, Co. Down, BT22 2AD
Tel: 012477 88387
Latitude: 54° 33" N
Longitude: 5° 38" W
Background to the collection
Ownership:The National Trust
Umbrella organisation:National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens, The National Trust
Head Gardener: P.Rollinson
Contact person: P.Rollinson
Total Staff:8
Accessions:As for The National Trust.
Collections:As for The National Trust.
Physical environment
Altitude:0-25 m
Soil type:Sand and loam
Aspect:South and west
Total area:32 ha
Weather recordsNo records kept
Average daily:7.2 °C
Absolute maximum:25 °C(1994)
Absolute minimum:-9 °C(1981/82)
Direction:South and west
Strength:Above average
Average annual:788 mm
Plant collection
Notable plants within the collection:
Eucalyptus regnans, Weinmannia trichosperma
Geographical area(s) of specialisation:
Southern Africa, China, Eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Southern South America
Special families within the collections:
Phormiaceae, Myrtaceae, Ericaceae
Special genera within the collections:
Eucalyptus, Leptospermum, Rhododendron, Camellia, Pittosporum, Pseudopanax, Olearia, Hydrangea, Griselinia, Hoheria, Acer, Fuchsia, Rosa, Pinus, Pseudotsuga, Abies, Dianella, Agapanthus, Lilium, Geranium, Meconopsis
Special collections:
Phormium, NCCPG – 1 Species, 2 Taxa, 46 Plants.
Record Keeping:Kept since 1983
Record System:National Trust's Woody Plant Catalogue
Plant-collecting trips:International and national
Facilities on site
Research facilities:No
Publications:Garden guide
Identifications:Internal verification of material
Teaching and Education:Potential for primary and secondary
Interpretation:Supervised garden walks, brochures
Friends Organisation:No
Visitor facilities:Restaurant, gift shop
Access to the collections
Public access:Admission charge
Visitors per year:100,000
Public opening hours:Lakeside - All year round, 10am-sunset
Formal areas: May-Sept, 10am-8pm
April, Oct 10am-6pm
March 10am-4pm, weekends
Nov-Feb closed
Location map

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