Inverewe Garden

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Address and contact details
Inverewe, Poolewe, Achnasheen, Ross-Shire, IV22 2LG
Tel: 01445 781200
Fax: 01445 781497
Latitude: 57° 46' 33" N
Longitude: 5° 35' 51" W
Background to the collection
Year founded:1862
Ownership:The National Trust for Scotland
Umbrella organisation:National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens, The National Trust for Scotland
Head Gardener: Kevin Ball
Contact person: Kevin Ball
Total Staff:10
Total Horticultural Staff:10
Accessions:As for The National Trust for Scotland
Physical environment
Altitude:0-40 m
Soil type:Peat
Total area:20 ha
Area heated:150 m²
Weather recordsRecords kept
Average daily:8.9 °C
Av. monthly max:12 °C
Av. monthly min:5.9 °C
Absolute maximum:29.3 °C (2003)
Absolute minimum:-9.7 °C (1987)
Direction:South & west
Strength:Above average
Average annual:1603 mm
Month of maximum:September
Month of minimum:May
Plant collection
Plants:50 000
Notable plants within the collection:
Inverewe has some of the tallest Eucalyptus cordata, E. coccifera, E. gunnii and Magnolia campbellii and the best ornamental Quercus cerris 'Argenteo-variegata' in the UK. There are good specimens of Rhododendron arboreum subsp. zeylanicum and R. protistum. A very large Rhododendron sinogrande is one of the first to be introduced into cultivation in the British Isles, a more recent introduction is Pinus bhutanica.
Geographical area(s) of specialisation:
Southern Africa, China, New Zealand, Australasia, Southern South America
Special families within the collections:
Ericaceae, Compositae, Liliaceae, Iridaceae
Special genera within the collections:
Rhododendron, Olearia, Brachyglottis, Eucalyptus
Special collections:
Conifers, ICCP – 31 Genera, 52 Species, 57 Taxa, 206 Plants.
Olearia, NCCPG – 50 Species, 75 Taxa, 291 Plants.
Brachyglottis, – 15 Species, 23 Taxa, 75 Plants.
Rhododendron subsection barbata – 5 Species, 9 Taxa, 64 Plants.
Rhododendron subsection glischra – 9 Species, 10 Taxa, 16 Plants.
Rhododendron subsection barbata – 9 Species, 12 Taxa, 37 Plants,
Record Keeping:Kept since 1963
Record System:Q&A, Demeter (2005)
Plant-collecting trips:No
Facilities on site
Herbarium:Yes, Brachyglottis and Olearia spp. Only
Library:75 items,
Research facilities:No
Publications:Garden guide
Identifications:Undertakes identifications for the general public. Internal verification of material
Teaching and Education:Potential for primary, secondary, higher, taxonomic, and public education
Interpretation:Supervised garden walks, signs, brochures, guided trails, lectures
Friends Organisation:No
Visitor facilities:Restaurant, café, plant shop, book shop, gift shop, Inverewe House (opened in 2016 following £2million renovation)
Access to the collections
Public access:Admission charge
Visitors per year:90-100,000
Public opening hours:Mon-Sun: 9.30am-9pm
Guiding principles behind the collection
The National Trust for Scotland is a conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland's natural, built and cultural heritage for this and future generations to enjoy.
Location map

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