Houghall College Gardens

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Address and contact details
Durham College of Agriculture & Horticulture, Houghall, Durham, County Durham, DH1 3SG
Tel: 0191 3861351
Fax: 0191 3860419
Latitude: 54° 45' 53" N
Longitude: 1° 33' 42" W
Background to the collection
Ownership:Durham College of Agriculture & Horticulture
Umbrella organisation:National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
The Principal
Contact person: The Principal
Total Staff:7
Physical environment
Altitude:35 m
Soil type:Sand & loam
Aspect:East, mostly flat
Weather recordsNo records kept
Average daily:8.5 °C
Av. monthly max:19.6 °C
Av. monthly min:0.2 °C
Absolute maximum:32.5 °C (1990)
Absolute minimum:-21.6 °C (1982)
Direction:South & west
Average annual:650 mm
Month of maximum:February
Month of minimum:August
Plant collection
Special families within the collections:
Rosaceae, Papaveraceae, Ericaceae
Special genera within the collections:
Sorbus, Meconopsis, Betula, Erica, Colchicum, Galanthus, Primula, Pinus, Cupressus, Salix, Acer, Viburnum, Crocus, Quercus, Fraxinus, Berberis, Hedera, Tilia
Special collections:
Sorbus, NCCPG – 39 Taxa.
Meconopsis, NCCPG – 60 Taxa.
Record Keeping:Records kept
Plant-collecting trips:International
Facilities on site
Library:Yes, all land based subjects. Public access to reference library, 8.30am-8.00pm, weekdays during term time
Research facilities:General biological laboratories, micropropogation
Publications:Publications on: Meconopsis, Snowdrops & expeditions
Identifications:Undertakes identifications for the general public. Internal verification of material
Teaching and Education:Primary, secondary, higher, and public education. Potential for taxonomic
Interpretation:Supervised garden walks, signs, brochures, guided trails
Friends Organisation:Yes
Visitor facilities:Café, plant shop
Access to the collections
Public access:Free
Public opening hours:Mon-Sun: 8am-5pm
Location map

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