Crathes Castle Garden

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Address and contact details
Crathes, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, AB31 5QJ
Tel: 01330 844 525
Fax: 01330 844797
Latitude: 57° 4' 5" N
Longitude: 2° 26' 19" W
Background to the collection
Ownership:The National Trust for Scotland
Umbrella organisation:PlantNetwork (NT) and Individual, National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens, The National Trust for Scotland
Head Gardener:Mr Callum A. Pirnie
Contact person:Mr Callum A. Pirnie
Total Staff:12
Total Horticultural Staff:6
Accessions:Specific policy for national collection of Malmaison carnations.
Physical environment
Altitude:75 m
Soil type:Acid
Total area:40.5 ha
Area heated:300 m²
Weather recordsNo records kept
Strength:Below averagee
Average annual:825 mm
Plant collection
Notable plants within the collection:
Taxus baccata topiary from early 1700s
Geographical area(s) of specialisation:
China, Northwestern USA, Northeastern USA, E. Siberia
Special genera within the collections:
Viburnum, Rosa, Clematis, Dianthus, Taiwania, Berberis, Deutzia, Philadelphus, Taxus, Iris, Lonicera, Thalictrum, Phlox, Paeonia, Davidia, Arthrotaxis, Abies
Special collections:
Malmaison carnations, NCCPG, – 12 Accessions, 30 Plants.
Record Keeping:Kept since 1929
Record System:Q&A
Plant-collecting trips:No
Facilities on site
Research facilities:No
Identifications:Undertakes identifications for visitors and members. Internal verification of material
Teaching and Education:Primary, secondary, public education
Interpretation:Supervised garden walks, brochures, lectures
Friends Organisation:No
Visitor facilities:Restaurant, plant shop, gift shop
Access to the collections
Public access:Admission charge
Visitors per year:70,000
Public opening hours:Mon-Sun: 9am-dusk
Guiding principles behind the collection
As defined by the founding principles of The National Trust for Scotland and specified by the NTS Gardens' Department/Garden Committee.
Location map

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