The Modern Garden: PlantNetwork Conference 2021 – attendance on Weds 24th Nov only

What will public gardens look like in 25 years time? The first day of the conference will look at innovations in the garden and sustainable gardening. Join us for two exciting sessions with six great speakers and plenty of time for discussion of the big horticultural issues.


The Modern Garden, the PlantNetwork Conference 2021, looks at technological developments in horticulture, and new innovations and thinking as well as topics of growing importance such as climate change, sustainability, and plant health threats. The conference will also dicuss the role of traditional skills and practices in gardens of the future. Individual sessions will look at different topics that will have an impact on modern gardening, providing an opportunity to hear the latest research findings and practical interventions being trialled in horticulture.

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24 November 2021 14:00 through 19:00
Online at Your Computer
United Kingdom
Event Fee(s)
Student 'early-bird' rate (you must be a student in a recognised training placement, apprenticeship or at college) £ 20.00
Standard 'early-bird' rate £ 40.00