Listen to our ‘An interview with…’ series of podcasts to find out more about the horticulturists working in public gardens, what led them to become professional horticulturists, the plants they can’t live without and what they enjoy most about their jobs and gardens.

An interview with Will Ritchie

In the third instalment of the PlantNetwork podcast series ‘An interview with…’, PlantNetwork speaks with Will about his horticultural career….

An interview with Simon Toomer

In the second episode in our series of ‘Interviews with…’, PlantNetwork talks to Simon about his role with the National Trust, his career, future aspirations, favourite gardens and desert island plants.

An interview with Nick Lightfoot

As part of the PlantNetwork ‘An interview with….’ podcasts, PlantNetwork speaks with Nick about his current role, his career in horticulture, horticultural inspirations and desert island plants….