Listen to our ‘An interview with…’ series of podcasts to find out more about the horticulturists working in public gardens, what led them to become professional horticulturists, the plants they can’t live without and what they enjoy most about their jobs and gardens.

An interview with Andy Spetch

We talk to Andy Spetch about soil and turning waste into a product. While Andy isn’t a horticulturist, he works in a sector with very close links to horticulture, demonstrating the wide range of careers that exist in sectors aligned to gardens.

An interview with Shelley O’Berg

The latest podcast features an interview with Shelley O’Berg of Cambo Gardens in Scotland. Shelley’s role is definitely varied and shows the different skills that might be required of a horticulturist – although not all gardeners are happy on a flying trapeze!

An interview with Daniel Jones

With August traditionally marking the end of trainee and apprenticeship placements, PlantNetwork speak to RHS Level 4 student Daniel Jones about his time as a trainee and his hopes for the future.

An interview with Katy Merrington

To celebrate Yorkshire Day on 1st August, we catch up with Yorkshire-based gardener, Katy Merrington, to find out more about the garden she cares for at The Hepworth Wakefield.

An interview with Will Ritchie

In the third instalment of the PlantNetwork podcast series ‘An interview with…’, PlantNetwork speaks with Will about his horticultural career….