Listen to our ‘An interview with…’ series of podcasts to find out more about the horticulturists working in public gardens, what led them to become professional horticulturists, the plants they can’t live without and what they enjoy most about their jobs and gardens.

With thanks to our creative advisor, Mari Rustan, for updated format and improved programming, and to Bruce Langridge and Will Ritchie of National Botanic Garden of Wales for the original question format and podcast idea. Thank you to all our contributors, interviewees and interviewers.

Current interviews are being conducted by Rebecca Slack and Piers Horry so get in touch with PlantNetwork if you would like to feature in an upcoming podcast.

An interview with Yoke van der Meer

Earlier this year, freelance horticulturist Yoke van der Meer spoke with PlantNetwork about her career and her blog which seeks to make weeds more popular!

An interview with Cailean Stewart

Meet Cal Stewart – gardener, educator, mixologist and dandelion fan! Cal has recently moved from being a full-time gardener to a full-time garden educator to better share a passion for all things plant and garden related.

The Tangled Bank – Sustainability Special

To celebrate the PlantNetwork Year of Sustainability, we will be exploring sustainability issues and projects as part of the PlantNetwork podcast series. In the first of these special episodes, we find out about the challenges and opportunities posed by “The Tangled Bank” project at St Andrews Botanic Garden with curator Beccy Middleton.

An interview with Jess Brown

In the first podcast for 2022, PlantNetwork speaks with Jess Brown of RZSS Edinburgh Zoo about gardening for pandas among many other animals. Find out more about the working life of a zoo horticulturist – and join us in February for a webinar focusing on zoo horticulture.

An interview with Doug Stewart

PlantNetwork talks to Doug Stewart, a ‘general practitioner’ of horticulture. We discuss careers, perceptions of horticulture and sustainability as well as favourite plants…

An interview with Mollie Higginson

Meet a young horticulturist who is also a passionate spokesperson for the industry! PlantNetwork talks to Mollie Higginson of New Leaf Plants and co-founder of the Young People in Horticulture Association (YPHA). Find out how Mollie found her way into horticulture and what she and the YPHA are doing to help other young horticulturists get the most out of horticulture.

An interview with Richard Baines

Meet Richard Baines, the Curator of Logan Botanic Garden, author and a truly passionate horticulturist who has definitely taken his work home with him. In this episode, he tells us about curating an exotic garden in Scotland, his love of rhododendrons and his horticultural journey. Listen in to learn where to find rare gems in Logan Botanic Garden, plant exploration abroad, and the most spectacular place in the UK to see daffodils.

An interview with Frances Porter

Frances Porter has just completed a three year Professional Gardeners’ Guild Traineeship – we hear about her experiences as a trainee, horticultural inspirations and what will be Frances’ next steps as she embarks on an horticultural career.

An interview with Sam Hickmott

Piers Horry talks to Sam Hickmott, a young head gardener looking after a Grade 1 listed landscape garden in a World Heritage Site. We hear how Sam started his horticultural career, his thoughts on what we need to do to encourage more young people to embark on a career on horticulture and the Young Hort of the Year competition.

An interview with Phil Esseen

What is it like gardening in a zoo? We talk to Phil Esseen about some of the unique challenges that his team face on a day-to-day basis, and find out how Phil came to be a zoo curator – of plants!