Rupert Wilson, Aug 2014

BOOKING OPEN. Health and wellbeing in horticulture and gardens.

13th and 14th September 2018 at The Eden Project.
The Eden Project will host this 1.5 day training event where we will learn more about the Eden on Prescription Project and similar case studies sharing information about how our gardens and plant collections can contribute to health and wellbeing. This is a subject that is becoming increasingly relevant and a number of reports are identifying links between our wellbeing and access to nature.

BOOKING OPEN. Assessing and developing a Spirit of Place document for your garden

12th July 2018. Nymans Garden, West Sussex.
Spirit of Place is at the heart of how people feel about and experience our properties and why they are relevant. It captures what make a places special. This training day will look at how we identify the Spirit of Place and how it can be used to inform decisions about how your site is understood and managed – from planning events to marketing and what you choose to present to the visitor.

BGCI release technical review on botanic gardens

BGCI have produced a technical review on criteria that define a botanic garden, and how botanic gardens measure success. To gather data, an online survey was sent out by BGCI in early 2017 and a literature review of botanic garden annual reports was undertaken to gather further information on how […]

Update on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) for collection holders

In early July the ABS stakeholder workshop met to discuss the draft EU ABS Guidance Document for Collection Holders. This Guidance document for collection holders is meant to help users, as well as competent national authorities, to establish whether activities carried out fall within the scope of the EU Access […]

Xylella fastidiosa recorded in mainland Spain for the first time

In June it was confirmed by the National Reference Laboratory for Phytopathogenic Bacteria of Spanish Agriculture Ministry that Xylella fastidiosa has been found  in several trees of an almond orchard in the municipality of Guadalest, in the Marina Baixa region of Alicante Province. The subspecies of the bacterium has not […]

WAITNG LIST. Plant Records training day. Cambridge Botanic Garden May 17th 2018

Thursday, 17th May 2017. Cambridge Botanic Garden followed by a meeting of the European users of IrisBG May 18th (Separate booking needed). One of our most successful forums looking at all things plant records. Its an opportunity to look at records systems, share experiences and learn about recommended minimum data to enable you to keep useful records.