Abbotsbury 2019

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Conference 2019: Lightning Talks

According to Wikipedia, lightning is ‘a violent and sudden electrostatic discharge where two electrically charged regions in the atmosphere temporarily equalize themselves‘. The Lightning Talks session at the PlantNetwork Conference 2019 might not be violent but they certainly will be charged! This session is about high energy, high interest talks […]


More Conference 2019 speakers announced!

Dr Mark McCarthy “Strawberries at Christmas? Variability and change in UK Climate” Dr Mark McCarthy is science manager of the National Climate Information Centre (NCIC) at the Met Office. He provides monitoring and analysis of UK climate variability and change to help UK society better understand the challenges, risks and […]


Conference 2019 speakers announced

Selected Speaker Biographies Dr Helen Hoyle “Evolution in action? Public perception of non-native planting in the designed urban landscape.” Helen is Senior Lecturer in Healthy Built Environments at the University of the West of England, Bristol. She has a background in Geography and Landscape Architecture and previously conducted award-winning research […]