Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

BGCI ABS Learning Tool

BGCI, in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, has created a suite of learning modules on access and benefit sharing, essential for those working in botanic gardens. The modules take you step by step through the role of the CBD, the history of the Nagoya Protocol and important articles of the Protocol, as well as providing essential information for preparation and practical implementation. After every module there is a quick quiz to test your knowledge.

Text of the Nagoya Protocol

Link to the full text of the Nagoya Protocol from the Convention on Biological Diversity web site (

BGCI ABS pages

BGCI’s online resource for access and benefit sharing (ABS) between botanic gardens around the world.

CBD Database on ABS Measures

The database on access and benefit-sharing measures includes measures which have been taken by Governments or relevant organisations to assist with the implementation of access and benefit-sharing provisions of the Convention. The database covers a broad range of measures such as: national or regional strategies, policies, legislations, regulations, community management plans, guidelines or codes of conducts on access and benefit-sharing. It includes measures undertaken at the regional, national, sub-national, community or local level.


The CBD, also known as the Rio Convention provides a comprehensive framework for the triple objective of conserving biological diversity, using natural resources sustainably, and fairly and equitably sharing benefits deriving from the use of genetic resources. The latter objective is of particular importance to developing countries, as they hold most of the world

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