In Pursuit of Paradise: Tourism & Public Gardens

This study evaluates the demographics of the garden visiting public in Great Britain (GB) in 2018, assessing the reasons for visiting, activities pursued during visits and facilities sought on visits.

Bedfordshire Head Gardeners Network

The Bedfordshire Head Gardeners Network is a Bedfordshire Gardens Trust initiative bringing together gardeners across the county on a regular basis to offer a collaborative approach to caring for Bedfordshire’s green spaces.

Peat or peat-free?

The debate about the use of peat in horticulture seems to have been going for a long time.

Good enough to eat

In 2016, when RHS Garden Hyde Hall’s new Global Growth Vegetable Garden was first planted, horticulturist Matthew Oliver selected British Sugar TOPSOIL’s HortLoam planting topsoil as the base planting medium for the scheme. The range of vegetables from around the world that were to be grown in the Xa Tollemache […]